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Publicado 03/07/2024

Press release

Anchoring environment, climate and sustainability as part of the EU’s strategic priorities is key to success

How can Europe stay the course on sustainability amid shocks and crises? How do we anchor environment and climate priorities with other emerging ones like security, competitiveness and fairness without losing sight of the long-term sustainability objective of ‘living well within the limits of our planet’? A new strategic foresight report, published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) today, calls for the need to further align European economic, social and security policies with the climate and environmental objectives.

Failing to do so would put the coherence of EU’s strategic agenda at risk, hamper implementation of crucial climate, environment, and sustainability objectives, and reduce Europe’s ability to deal with ongoing multiple shocks and crises.

The Europe’s Sustainability Transitions Outlook’ report highlights the need to take a broader view on such priorities as security, competitiveness or fairness. It recognises that Europe’s socio-economic systems and wellbeing of its citizens depend crucially on a healthy and resilient natural environment, a stable climate and long-term sustainable use of resources.

The report calls for a more effective alignment of public and private funding and integration of all EU’s policies with the long-term sustainability objectives.


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