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This one-hour webinar will introduce the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new publication, Best Practices for Solid Waste Management: A Guide for Decision-Makers in Developing Countries. EPA will provide an overview of the guide including, where to find the guide, how to use the guide, and an overview of content and best practices. The webinar will then feature two speakers sharing real-world examples of solid waste management best practices in action. Kaushik Chandrasekhar of The Energy Resources Institute will profile an innovative retail consumer recycling credit model in Panjim, India. Gabriela Otero of the Brazilian Solid Waste Association (ABRELPE) will speak about marine litter generation and characterization in Santos, Brazil. EPA and the webinar guest speakers will answer participant questions.

lLos ponentes que intervendrán son: 

  • Krystal Krejcik, Environmental Protection Agency (United States)
  • Kaushik Chandrasekhar, The Energy Resources Institute (India)
  • Gabriela Otero, Brazilian Solid Waste Association (Brazil)

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