Se trata del proyecto estrella de este 2018 para el ISWA Young Professionals Group.


#WhatHappensToMyWaste?, es una campaña que busca dar a conocer el destino final de nuestras basuras, como poder gestionar de mejor manera ciertos tipos de residuos, y también como prevenir la generación de residuos en origen.

Desde el ISWA Young Professionals Group quisieran darla a conocery desde ATEGRUS como Miembro Nacional en España colaboraremos en la difusión de la misma.

IMPORANTE: Todos los detalles sobre el proyecto en la web de  ISWA Young Professionals Group (YPG) 

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Have you ever wondered where that empty plastic bottle ends up that you throw into a nearby bin? Maybe this exact bottle will be turned into a new plastic bottle. Or it is burnt somewhere. Or it ends up in a landfill. Or it might for some reason just end up in a river. Or in the ocean. Or, or, or …..

We generally tend to ignore that all our stuff goes somewhere once we decide to get rid of it. And the fate of waste can look very different depending on its disposal location.

As the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Young Professionals Group (YPG), they are united by the common passion for more sustainable production, consumption and disposal practices. Their mission is to make global connections among people, knowledge and ideas aimed at improving waste and resource management practices. Based on the findings of the 2017 World Waste Map survey (available here) they designed their annual Flagship Project 2018 #WhatHappensToMyWaste? The outcomes will be presented at the ISWA World Congress 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.

foto-Campaign #WhatHappensToMyWaste

  • Global Campaign: #WhatHappensToMyWaste?
  • A. Global Campaign #WhatHappensToMyWaste?

    When & Where

    · April 4 – June 30, 2018
    ·Promote campaign via Facebook Group #WhatHappensToMyWaste? & at local events (e.g. IFAT)

    Mobilize people across the globe to ask the question #WhatHappensToMyWaste? & raise awareness about
    ● where our waste ends up,
    ● how to best dispose of specific kind of wastes in a specific region,
    ● how to prevent waste generation at source.

  • How to participate
    ● General public
    ● Schools
    ● Experts from the waste & resources management sector


    Más información sobre el  en la web del grupo