Over the last 12 months, following discussions in several conferences and ISWA meetings, they came to a simple but important conclusion:

The best way to advance the new UN Sustainable Development Agenda that has been adopted by 193 countries is to resolve the waste management problems that exist, largely in the developing world.

Some of ISWA’s first ideas on how to tackle thelogo-VIDEO Sustainable Development Goalsse have been presented in the Roadmap Report, and ISWA is very pleased to share with you their new video that visualizes ISWA’s contribution to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identified by the UN Agenda.

If no action is taken, dumpsites will account for 10% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2025. Therefore closing dumpsites is one of the ways in which we can move towards meeting the sustainable development goals.

Please take a look at our recent publication on how we will tackle the SDGs here.