A continuación algunas de las últimas noticias y artículos publicados por el  EUROPEAN COMPOST NETWORK en el segundo boletín del año, ECN E-BULLETIN NO. 4_2022, correspondiente a los meses de marzo-abril 2022.


*  ECN calls the European Parliament to keep composting and anaerobic digestion of biowaste out of the scope of the EU Emission Trading System– ECN Position Paper I 31 March 2021

*  Commission plans to set up an Integrated Nutrient Management Action Plan– Public Consultation on Nutrient Management Plan I Deadline 26 April 2022

*  Microplastics pollution – measures to reduce the impact on the environment– Public Consultation on Microplastic in the environment I Deadline 17 May 2022

*  Council has adopted the 8th Environmental Action Program– EU Council I 16 March 2022

*  No further ‘Bio-materials’ on the priority list for end of waste streams– JRC EoW report I 10 March 2022

News from ECN Members

*  Ireland has Potential to Produce its own Fertiliser from its Food Waste– Cré press release I 28 March 2022

*  ECN is looking for a Policy Officer for Environmental and Agricultural Affairs– ECN Job Vacancy I Deadline for application: 29 April 2022



  •   Sustainable Transformation towards a resource-efficient and climate-neutral Europe by 2050–  EU Green Week I 30 May – 5 June 2022
  •   Workshop on “Soil erosion for Europe – Emerging challenges” –  European Soil Observatory I 20-22 June 2022
  •   Soils for Nutrition Symposium: Call for abstracts – Global Soil Partnership I 26-29 July 2022 I 12:00-15:00 CEST I Virtual


*S.O.S Save Organics in Soil – Sign the manifesto ‘Save Organigs in Soil’ here



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