Según informa la Agencia Europea de Medio Ambiente de al publicación de este informe anual

Signals 2017 – Shaping the future of energy in Europe: Clean, smart and renewable

The European Environment Agency (EEA) publishes Signals annually, providing a snapshot of issues of interest to the environmental debate and the wider public. Signals 2017 focuses on energy.

«Our quality of life depends, among other things, on a reliable supply of energy at an affordable price. We still burn fossil fuels to obtain most of the energy we use and combustion of fossil fuels affects us all in one way or another. It releases air pollutants into the atmosphere and harms our health. It also releases greenhouse gases and contributes to climate change.

We are at a critical decision point in time: the negative impacts of our current energy choices on the one hand, and the opportunities that clean energy sources offer on the other. Signals 2017 looks into Europe’s transition towards clean, smart and renewable energy.»


La EEA publica «Signals» anualmente en un formato fácil de leer, donde explora las claves de interés pare el debate medioambiental y el público en general.

El informe está disponible en la web de la EEA –, donde también aparecen anteriores informes «Signals» de ediciones anteriores.

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