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Artificial Intelligence and Technology Innovation Meets Waste Management and Circular Economy

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La fecha límite para el envío de propuestas es el 27 junio 2024.
Temas principales que se tratarán en la conferencia:

1. AI-Driven Waste Sorting and Recycling:

Exploring how artificial intelligence and innovative technologies can optimize waste sorting processes, enhance recycling efficiency, and reduce contamination.

2. Circular Economy Models and Strategies:

Examining strategies for transitioning towards a circular economy, where waste is minimized, resources are conserved, and products are designed for reuse and recycling.

3. Smart Waste Management Systems:

Discussing the development and implementation of smart waste management systems empowered by AI, IoT (Internet of Things), and data analytics to improve collection, transportation, and disposal processes.

4. Digital Transformation in Waste Management:

Exploring how digital transformation and emerging technologies are reshaping waste management practices, from predictive analytics for waste generation to blockchain-based tracking of waste streams.

5. Collaboration and Partnerships for Sustainability:

Highlighting the importance of collaboration between AI/technology developers, waste management companies, policymakers, and businesses to drive sustainable practices and innovation in waste management and circular economy initiatives.


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